No More DTOs, Services, and Managers in your code. Let Objects have meaningful behaviours.

Submitted by Andrew Chaa

Talk Abstract:

Do you write DTOs a lot, using classes as only property bags? Do you name every of your service class as manager and service? Do you wonder why your domain objects are so anemic to the point of death?

C# (or Java) is an OOP language, and our code is not supposed to be like that. Come and join my talk to discuss how we can make our plain old C# object have meaningful behaviors and express the complex business logic in terms of object.

The topics will cover

  • Value Object, the stepping stone
  • Don't throw exceptions if it's not exceptional
  • Why all your business logic in service class?
  • Throw away your mappers
  • Mediator pattern will save
  • Objects will be smarter with behaviours.
  • Don't be afraid of injecting dependencies

About Andrew Chaa

For my CV, it's "Experienced Backend-focused Full Stack Engineer with a history of working on large scale, high capacity distributed systems. Skilled in message and event driven Microservice Architecture, CQRS, and Functional-flavoured Programming"

Personally, I'm an ordinary dev guy who's interested in many different things. I love exchanging ideas and learning from each other.