GraphQL and Dapper : The quick route to flexible and efficient mobile APIs

Submitted by John Stovin

Talk Abstract:

GraphQL is alternative to REST for providing powerful, flexible, bandwidth-efficient web APIs. It was originally developed by Facebook, but is now an open standard.

Dapper is a lightweight Object/Relational Mapping library for the .NET platform. It combines speed and efficiency with access to native SQL.

In this talk I will discuss the concepts behind GraphQL, and why you should consider it if you need an efficient, accessible API for you project. I will demonstrate how to design a simple GraphQL API, and how to use the graphql-dotnet and Dapper.GraphQL open-source libraries to implement this API for an existing application database.

About John Stovin

John has been a software developer for longer than he cares to remember. He learned to program on a Commodore PET back in the 1970s.

He lives in the heart of the Peak District and currently works for 3Squared in Sheffield, developing novel applications for the UK Rail industry. He has spent the last 20 years working for various companies in and around Sheffield, working on systems as diverse as Marine Navigation, DVD production, and Educational Administration. He has also taught part-time at the Department of Computer Science at The University of Sheffield, and at Sheffield Hallam University.

He regularly attends and occasionally presents at the Sheffield .NET User Group and at (def_shef), the Sheffield Functional Programming interest group. In addition, he has presented at DDDNorth, DDDSouthWest and other regional user groups, and also at FSharp Exchange in 2018 and NDC London in 2019.