Am I doing deployments right? Advanced deployment patterns in practice

Submitted by Matteo Emili

Talk Abstract:

While CI is now the norm in our daily workflows, deployment still has sort of an artisanal feeling – everyone does it their way, ignoring that there are several patterns and practices that can actually be re-used. Concepts like feature flags, A/B testing or canary deployments are actually just at arms’ length, but for some reason these practices are often misunderstood, with people believing they are just for ‘the big boys’ like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. This cannot be further from the truth, and the learning curve is actually very low. Let’s take a look at some real example from the field and learn how to implement these in your pipeline.

About Matteo Emili

Matteo Emili is a Microsoft MVP since 2010.

He is passionate about technology, but it is not his only interest – what really makes him tick is how technology acts as a tool to solve a complex business problem, ultimately bringing benefits to the company.

Regular speaker at conferences and meetups, he enjoys sharing back with the worldwide technical communities – especially about ALM, Agile and DevOps.