Kubernetes, Raspberry Pis, and more!

Submitted by Dan Clarke

Talk Abstract:

In this session, we'll be installing Kubernetes from scratch on a cluster of Raspberry Pis (yes, real hardware!). Then we'll create a basic ASP.NET Core webapp; RabbitMQ instance; and a subscribing console app to demonstrate how easy it is to spin-up this kind of 'messaging' architecture in Kubernetes. Along the way, I'll explain some of the core concepts and benefits of Docker, Kubernetes, and message queues. This talk is suitable for both those who have never used Docker or Kubernetes before; those who have and are interested in installing Kubernetes on bare-metal; or those who just like Raspberry Pis and shiny things!

About Dan Clarke

Dan is an independent software developer with over 20 years of commercial experience. He works for his own company, Everstack Ltd, providing software development and consultation services for multiple businesses. He's very passionate about software development, productivity, and ongoing learning and self-improvement. He's also founder and organiser of the .NET Oxford user-group.