Securing the web with AI

Submitted by Callum Whyte

Talk Abstract:

In today’s web not a week goes by without a large data breach or a website being hacked. Unlawful access to our online information can be prevented by encryption, 2FA and IP detection, but often this isn’t enough.

While everyone understands the importance of security, some may be put off by jargon or acronyms (2FA, we're looking at you...) and complicated hurdles we have to jump through, such as choosing a secure password. Security should be a right, not a privilege.

This session explores some interesting and experimental ways that AI and other services could be used to protect users on the web. We'll see how a friendly, more human, user experience can make security seem less daunting - with less complicated flows and simpler language. Imagine a world where AI could be used to authenticate website users via facial or voice recognition, or guide creating more secure passwords based on data from Have I Been Pwned...

Using existing AI tools like Azure Cognitive Services we’ll look at ways facial or voice recognition could be used as part of 2FA to make security more accessible to end users, including code examples in .NET and JavaScript.

After, we’ll investigate some simple methods to find patterns in user behaviour, such as login times and mouse behaviour, to detect anomalies and take action. Finally, we’ll see how machine learning can be used to identify fraudulent text or photoshopped images within webpages and warn users of scams before it becomes an issue.

About Callum Whyte

Callum's expertise lie in building robust scalable microservice and serverless systems on the .NET stack, as well as Xamarin mobile apps and websites with the Umbraco CMS.

Away from his desk you can find him organising community events; from local meetups and hackathons to the annual 300 person Umbraco UK Festival conference. He’s an active contributor to open source projects, as well as co-host of a weekly YouTube series "UmbraCoffee" and a regular speaker at events all over the world!