When is the shift coming? Women in Technology, Panel Session

Hosted by Landmark

Talk Abstract:

'Women in Technology' is a global conversation that everyone in IT has been aware about for a long time now. Even though it has been talked about for over 20 years there only small signs of any significant shift within the industry. In this session, we're interested to know why.

We have a great panel lined up to talk in a fun and informative way and give a fantastic viewpoint on what has got better over the years... and what hasn’t!

Topics to be covered will include how they personally got into the industry, their views on why so many girls give up on technology and what sections of the industry are successfully attracting women currently, but there will also be a chance for audience participation in the questions.

Please join Galiya Warrier (Microsoft), Rabeb Othmani (Developer Advocate), Carly Britton (Vualto), Ceri Newton-Sargunar (Mondo Media) and Rhian Rose (Landmark) for this interactive session.