To be agile from developer's point of view

Submitted by Andrew Chaa

Talk Abstract:

Having daily stand-up, SCRUM / Kanban board, and cross-functional team is only the beginning to the journey. Do you divide and conquer in your story breakdown? Do you have to wait till Sprint 3 to do any demo? Do you assign stories to developers? Do you have to implement every detail of a feature to go to next story? If you say "yes" to most of the questions, controversially, you are not developing in agile way. Let me share my journey to agile through challenges and resistance with this talk.

The talk will cover the following topics with practical examples

  • Three Categories of Work - Douglas Engelbart
  • Improving the improvement process
  • Conquer and Divide - Kent Beck
  • Walking Skeleton - Alistair Cockburn
  • Telescope Making - Allyn Thompson
  • Gambling with a coin: probability of throwing 10 coins for heads vs 1 coin for head 10 times
  • No single developer should work on a story alone

About Andrew Chaa

For my CV, it's "Experienced Backend-focused Full Stack Engineer with a history of working on large scale, high capacity distributed systems. Skilled in message and event driven Microservice Architecture, CQRS, and Functional-flavoured Programming"

Personally, I'm an ordinary dev guy who's interested in many different things. I love exchanging ideas and learning from each other.