What did I learn trying to migrate teams from legacy to modern

Submitted by Matteo Emili

Talk Abstract:

I spent an incredible amount of time doing migrations and transformations (on both process and technologies), as a consultant for most of my career but also inside a product company, bringing ALM, Agile and then DevOps to people varying from who was willing to change and who just wanted to retain their 20 years old habits. The amount of lessons I learned is massive, not just about technology itself – that changes at the speed of light – but about how to deal with change in an organization. This is not going to be a technical session – far from it – but instead it will be a short collection of some of the most striking experiences I had since I first heard about Software Engineering.

About Matteo Emili

Matteo Emili is a Microsoft MVP since 2010.

He is passionate about technology, but it is not his only interest – what really makes him tick is how technology acts as a tool to solve a complex business problem, ultimately bringing benefits to the company.

Regular speaker at conferences and meetups, he enjoys sharing back with the worldwide technical communities – especially about ALM, Agile and DevOps.