Responsible Animations

Submitted by Mike Masey

Talk Abstract:

Animations are becoming an ever more present feature on the web and sometimes it can feel overwhelming with the amount of information you need to take into consideration. Responsible Animations aims to bring many of these concepts together and create a mindset to help improve how you conceptualise, design and develop animations for your projects. Let's stop thinking of animations as just the "Bells and Whistles" and start thinking about them as part of a standard process when it comes to building our websites.

This talk explains the concept by splitting it up into it's 5 areas then offers a number of examples and approaches that can be used when thinking about animations for your web projects. Starting from some fundamentals and CSS and working our way up into the land of JavaScript and future exciting ways of working with animations.

Questions throughout are more than welcome and I'm always happy to discuss any areas of the talk.

About Mike Masey

Mike Masey is a developer at Yoyo Design, based in Kent. He's the organiser of Front End Kent, the Umbraco Virtual meetup and codebar Kent.