Solving the Travelling Surveyor problem in .Net using Google OR Tools

Submitted by Joel Hammond-Turner

Talk Abstract:

The "Travelling Salesman" problem is a computational classic - but firmly grounded in the real world.

In this session I'll discuss how at Landmark we used Google's Open-Source Optimisation & Routing (OR) Tools to generate recommended routes for hundreds of surveyors and thousands of jobs on a daily basis for one of the largest firms in the country.

We'll cover the basics of the problem, and some of the classic approaches before moving on to how to use the tools Google OR Tools library. We'll look at some pitfalls and limitations - as well as how we created a fluent API for describing general case routing problems to pass to the Google OR Tools library.

About Joel Hammond-Turner

I've a very broad experience of software development over 15 years and a passion for both technology and elegance in my solutions that make me an extremely capable software architect.

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