Building a bot with MS Conversation Learner: using a ML driven approach

Submitted by Ed Yau

Talk Abstract:

Chatbots are very much 2017's hype and 2018's disappointment.

But maybe, just maybe 2019 is the year where our understanding of Conversation UIs and the technology progresses to a point where you can build a bot that is actually useful.

That's what MS Conversation Learner promises: a chatbot approach that is ML all the way through - and gets better as it sees more conversations. Still a work in progress, but at least it makes building a bot like it should do, and not just glorified web development!

When you understand the frameworks, you can build a helloworld bot in an hour but you can also build a webform in an hour that does exactly the same thing which is faster for a user to fill in So what does the bot bring to the table?

Join me to understand where conversation UI is actually useful (and where it's not). Where we are with toolkits such as MS Conversation Learner? Where the state-of-the-art ML is going with text generation.

About Ed Yau

Ed works at a Solution Architect at where he works with clients to create scalable cloud-based platforms.

His niche these days is around application of ML, whether it be predicting what a user is likely to want to buy next, to building chatbots.