It’s not you, it’s not me, it is us.

Submitted by Viv Richards & Michal Poręba

Talk Abstract:

Do you even need developers to build quality software? That’s a question nobody really asks. On the other hand, people often question when it is appropriate or necessary for testers, sysadmins, or dbas to get involved. “We don’t need testers, we do TDD”. “We don’t need sysadmins, we do DevOps”. “We don’t need DBAs, we do NoSQL”.

And so people with skills essential for delivery of good quality products are alienated from the process, added somewhere at the end to tick some boxes.

Join us, a tester and a DBA who went on a quest to find their own places in an agile team, and agile software development process. We have (re)discovered the value of early, cross-functional team collaboration. Let us show you how through cross-functional pairing we can increase the quality of both product and code.

About Viv Richards & Michal Poręba

Viv: Viv Richards is an independent QA consultant, a blogger and a community bumble bee. In his spare time he enjoys teaching children to code as a CodeClub volunteer as well as bringing communities together to share skills and knowledge by organising local meet-up’s as well as organising South Wales largest agile and developer conference.

Michal: Michał Poręba is a sort of a DBA who spends more of his time writing C#, PowerShell, JavaScript or even Ruby code than he does writing SQL queries. Server administration can and should be automated, performance is best addressed by good system design and implementation, and working with teams of developers is simply a much more fun way of spending time in an office than looking at Management Studio.

He lives in Wales where he currently works as a Senior SQL Server DBA at Vizolution in Swansea. In his free time, he speaks obscure languages, plays music with code or dives in local caves trying to find places no human has ever been to before. An intermittent blogger at, and a once-in-a-while contributor to a few OSS projects.