Cross-platform headless .NET apps

Submitted by Callum Whyte

Talk Abstract:

This session aims to demonstrate how we can use "Headless" hosted services and .NET to quickly build cross-platform applications – from backend systems in .NET Core, to mobile apps built with Xamarin, to website front-ends with the experimental Blazor framework...

With the way the .NET ecosystem has evolved in recent years, it's never been easier to wire up our code to work just about anywhere. .NET Standard makes it super simple to write our core libraries once and integrate them into whatever shell we choose, be it a mobile app, website, IoT device or something else. At the same time the infrastructure landscape has shifted from costly cloud systems towards "serverless" and hosted SaaS offerings, paving the way for more developers adopting off-the-shelf "Headless" / API consumed services to power their backend systems.

We'll look at real-world examples using a Headless CMS "Umbraco" to manage our system's data and tying it into a .NET Core Azure Function, an iOS app built with Xamarin, and even a single-page Blazor website to prove just how quick and easy it can be to reshape one codebase into many different end products.

While the Umbraco Headless CMS will be used in this session, it is purely as an example - the same principles could apply to any other solution out there, even bespoke systems

About Callum Whyte

Callum's expertise lie in building robust scalable microservice and serverless systems on the .NET stack, as well as Xamarin mobile apps and websites with the Umbraco CMS.

Away from his desk you can find him organising community events; from local meetups and hackathons to the annual 300 person Umbraco UK Festival conference. He’s an active contributor to open source projects, as well as co-host of a weekly YouTube series "UmbraCoffee" and a regular speaker at events all over the world!