Resilient global applications with Azure Front Door

Submitted by Callum Whyte

Talk Abstract:

Delivering maximum uptime and the fastest response to our end users all over the world is very important... So we deploy our application to multiple regions and route traffic to the nearest available servers. But managing and visualising each component of our infrastructure, how it everything hangs together, detecting and handling failure, as well as deployments, can all be a challenge.

For over 5 years "Front Door" has been the public gateway powering some much loved Microsoft services – including Bing, Office, Skype, and the Azure Portal – handling routing, load balancing, failover, and giving product teams painless control of services at scale. Recently announced in preview, Azure Front Door Service cost-effectively brings the same power to our own applications with little effort.

This session will dive in to the world of using AFD (and related Azure services) to add enterprise-grade resilience to a globally distributed application.

We'll see how easy it is to visualise and control traffic across a geo-redundant multi-cloud setup, and the performance improvements AFD can make on end users through configurable routing, caching, and SSL termination at the edge.

Finally, we'll configure our failover setup to ensure our application is rarely unavailable before putting it through it's paces by simulating a range of system failures (500 errors, cold starts, DoS) to watch AFD gracefully handle it with minimal impact on end users.

About Callum Whyte

Callum's expertise lie in building robust scalable microservice and serverless systems on the .NET stack, as well as Xamarin mobile apps and websites with the Umbraco CMS.

Away from his desk you can find him organising community events; from local meetups and hackathons to the annual 300 person Umbraco UK Festival conference. He’s an active contributor to open source projects, as well as co-host of a weekly YouTube series "UmbraCoffee" and a regular speaker at events all over the world!