Office 365 as a Development Platform

Submitted by Dylan Hayes

Talk Abstract:

The services that Office 365 provides are so much more than managed SharePoint and Exchange. These days there's a whole ecosystem of Office services with new lo/no code tools like Flow and PowerApps to provide the connective tissue. Not only that, but when you can't do what you want in Office 365, it's easy to reach out and consume the richness of Azure's many services to fill the gaps. What might have taken weeks to achieve in a bespoke application can be built in hours if you take full advantage of the platform.

The talk will introduce some of the key concepts behind Office 365 as a development platform, outline the tools available, and discuss some of our experiences both good and bad in doing development this way for a variety of customers. The talk will end on a discussion on the far bigger topic of how platforms like Office 365 which are made for automation and AI are not just tools we as developers can use, but also potentially represent an existential threat to the way we work as developers.

About Dylan Hayes

I am employed as a Tech Lead specialising in Office 365 by Blacklight Software, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Wakefield near Leeds. I came to the information technology profession via an long and interesting road, which left me with a passion for solving business problems with technology. Along the way I’ve worked with a lot of different technologies but right now I spend my days applying SharePoint and Office 365 to customer challenges. When I’m not at work I enjoy being outdoors, and am a keen if not especially fast runner.