Naming in testing is also hard

Submitted by Jorge Marín

Talk Abstract:

Software testing does also experience one of the hardest problems in the software world: naming things. In this session we will try define different testing levels and strategies, giving them an appropriate name based on their function. This will help the whole software testing community referring to things by their name rather than explaining a million times what an integration test means to you or your organisation.

The session is focused on discussing around load testing and performance testing. Although other test types will be also covered. The speaker will come with a set of questions that can be answered by raising hands, so the attendees can help deciding the best way of naming these test types and strategies.

The motivation behind this talk is that every organisation implements load testing or performance testing their own way, and some use those terms interchangeably. This makes difficult to share experiencies, creates confusion and is no good for anyone.

About Jorge Marín

Jorge MarĂ­n is an engineer passionate about robotics, automation, statistics and mountains. With a degree on Telecommunications Engineering he tried to help drones to navigate indoors where GPS position is not available or inaccurate. Got dragged to "the cloud" afterwards and has been working since then automating the hell of anything he touches. Currently he is taking over Dyson's testing strategy for cloud services.