CI/CD pipeline in real life

Submitted by Jorge Marín

Talk Abstract:

Learn how to properly build a CI/CD pipeline, with the software tools of your choice but focusing on the atomic steps. In this session we are going to design a healthy CI/CD pipeline by comparing it to a human supply chain and real human behaviour.

Actions in a CI/CD pipeline like:

  1. Read the data and pass the data
  2. Parse the data and pass the parsed data
  3. Read the parsed data and tell the right actor what to do with it
  4. Get results can be matched with their correspondent human interaction if the pipeline was human-based rather than software-based. Comparing both will help us building a conceptual healthy software pipeline by tackling the issues as humans and modelling real human behaviours and reactions as software.

About Jorge Marín

Jorge MarĂ­n is an engineer passionate about robotics, automation, statistics and mountains. With a degree on Telecommunications Engineering he tried to help drones to navigate indoors where GPS position is not available or inaccurate. Got dragged to "the cloud" afterwards and has been working since then automating the hell of anything he touches. Currently he is taking over Dyson's testing strategy for cloud services.