Proposed Talks

Provisioning your Cloud with .NET

Submitted by Shahid Iqbal

Talk Abstract:

IAC (Infrastructure as code) has become a mainstay for teams looking to automate their infrastructure deployments however is it actually code or just text?

Most cloud provider provisioning system or tools such as Terraform rely on a DSL (often expressed in JSON) to describe the infrastructure. Most of these approaches have had to shoehorn in some programming constructs (such as conditional logic and loops) into the languages to provide support for more complex scenarios.

This talk compares provisioning infrastructure using cloud provider approaches, Terraform and Pulumi, using mostly Azure for demos

With a combination of slides and code we'll see how solutions like Pulumi are providing real code based approaches for provisioning infrastructure and compare this to alternatives from cloud providers.

After this talk attendees will have a better idea of the options available for provisioning infrastructure and why they may choose one approach over another.