Proposed Talks

Docker is a gateway Drug - .NET Everywhere

Submitted by Carl Sargunar

Talk Abstract:

As an old-school dot NET developer, who had spent a lot of time building web applications on IIS - first using WebForms and then MVC, when Docker came along I was initially a little apprehensive about it. In this talk I go through my journey of discovery - learning about docker, and and then about microservices, and then about devOps and getting more familiar with testing and how I've grown to love it.

I'll go through :

  • My first exposure to linux (dual booting gentoo in the 00s)
  • Raspberry Pis from 2 (pre .NET core) to the newer ones
  • Building websites in webforms and MVC
  • Hosting them on a raspberry Pi in .NET Core 3.1
  • Running Docker on a raspberry Pi (Sql Azure edge)
  • Getting my Pis running a K3s cluster + learning Kubernetes
  • Microservices and Micro-architectures in containers
  • Devops + all that jazz

This take tale will wander a little, but hopefully be something that anyone who is yet to really get to play with the cool cross platform tools available now with .NET can use to show what's possible.

About Carl Sargunar

I've been a developer for as long as I can remember - long before I did it professionally I was writing little text based adventure games to keep myself and my friends entertained. From the first days writing on Basic and Borland dBase III, through tinkering with Visual basic in the early days of Windows 3.1 (Kids, ask your parents), a smattering of Assembler, C, C++, then Html, CSS, JavaScript. From there to classic ASP and ultimately to dot Net 1.0 and beyond all the way to the latest cross-platform .NET tools.

These days I write work with .net code, either writing bespoke software or using the Umbraco Content management system, and with a side order of Azure and Xamarin. For my day-job I work as part of Mondo Media as a consultant and systems architect, helping companies build cool things. In my spare time I like to tinker with IoT, Raspberry Pis, micro-processors, and am an occasional speaker at meetups and conferences.