Proposed Talks

Automated Azure Dashboards Generation

Submitted by Joshan Mahmud

Talk Abstract:

Azure Dashboards are a great way in which to have visibility of your platform in Azure. Application Insights / Log Analytics are tools that integrate seamlessly with other Azure resources which captures valuable telemetry you need to know to understand your system. The process of creating those visualisations can be a fun and creative one, but difficult to manage if you have multiple environments, want to manage change of dashboards as static code, reuse visualisations easily. I shall be showing what we have developed here at ClearBank that allows engineers to use their known tech stack to builds applications, and also produce Azure Dashboards.

About Joshan Mahmud

Joshan is a Technical Lead at ClearBank working on a number of critical services requiring high availability and low latency solutions, and leading a team of engineers in the delivery of product features whilst maintaining the optimal processing of high volume traffic across payments and OpenBanking projects.