Proposed Talks

Outnumbered – Force Multipliers in Software Security

Submitted by Sebastian Coles

Talk Abstract:

You're dropped into a business that is growing – in people, software, and volume. You realise that Infosec and Technology have had limited engagement, you are at ground zero and your already 3 years behind. There are 120 things you could do and your outnumbered 100 to 1 by engineers– so what do you do? How to make the biggest impact? I will be talking through some of the learnings I’ve had from delivering security transformation, what do I measure and how I get the most bang (risk reduction) for a buck.

About Sebastian Coles

Seb is an engineering manager for security engineering at Clear Bank and partners with engineers to build secure products. Having grown frustrated with Infosec and engineering relationships through his career, Seb hoped over the fence into the security world to find better ways of collaborating and automating software security.