Unity 101 for C# Developers

By Andy Clarke

Talk Abstract:

If you are interested in mixed or virtual reality development then Unity is a tool you’ll want to learn. Go to Microsoft’s Hololens development page and you’ll find the installation of Unity recommended in the first paragraph.

One surprise to developers getting started with Unity is the level of integration with Visual Studio and how easy it is to add C# to manipulate your 3D world.

In this demo led session we’ll go back to basics with Unity, easily creating a simple 3D experience with realistic physics. We’ll look at the fantastic Visual Studio integration and how easily the two editors work together.

Finally we’ll look at the ways in which we can give our 3D experience some polish by adding textures, animations and some explosions!

Keeping the best news for last: Unity is royalty free until you’re earning $100,000 – so if you like the idea of becoming wildly rich from making immersive 3D experiences this is the talk for you.

About Andy Clarke

A Tech Lead at Protolabs in Telford and the co-runner of Shropshire Devs usergroup.