Legacy systems in your head, and why they matter

By Lizzie Darville

Talk Abstract:

Essentially, I will be talking about the human brain, and have shamelessly hijacked the concept of 'legacy' to do so (in terms of it meaning something outdated, hard to work with and hard to change, but still providing a critical function).

Specifically this talk looks at our neurological threat response, how it can be activated at work and why we should care, and also how and why habitual thinking/behaviour occurs and what we can do about it.

About Lizzie Darville

As a scrum master/agile type, I have been working in software development teams for the last 5 years or so - following a stint in e-commerce marketing where I was a product owner without knowing it.

I have experience in e-commerce, agency side CMS builds and the (surprisingly exciting) food/farming industry. Currently I work in a team building mobile apps for connected home products. My ethos can be summed up by saying: 'I aim to enable teams to consistently deliver value while ensuring individuals don't hate coming to work'.

Despite describing myself as non-technical, I have dabbled in some front end stuff, C#, and most recently some of my strings/message ids have made it out into the wild.